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Welp, guess I’m coming off of hiatus here, probably won’t be back on Livejournal for another week or longer… >.> Going to try to update this thing more often than like once a month from now on though my life isn’t really that interesting because I do nothing. >> Far too stressed out and I don’t know why, possibly con stuff but Iunno. Guess I tend to try to take on too many things at once and it’s finally catching up with me (again) , but then, this isn’t exactly a new thing. Just feel so… run down and out of it which is odd because I don’t do anything, other than sit on my butt and screw around on my comp. I don’t go anywhere, I never really see anyone but my mother and ocassionally my dad when he comes up for whatever reason.

Hopefully Fanime will help me clear my head a bit, it’ll be nice to see my ladies and gents, particularly Sachiko and Echiko, because they are two of the most adorable and sweet people on the planet whom never fail to make me smile or feel better. I luffles you two ;_;

But anyhoo. Leaving for Fanime in ~3 hours or so and I haven’t slept, nor finished packing >> My dad is going to kill me, woo. Must remember to check for a Rikkai jersey for Roll because they stopped making them >> and get Tammies one of those Sengoku in a shoe plushies XD

Hopefully the yaoibooth guy has less Seigaku & Hyoutei stuff this year and more Fudoumine or Rikkai >> ♥ I think we yelled at him last year at uh.. Fanime, AX, Animagic, etc…. heheheh. Severely going to attempt to limit my spending but there are things I want and if I want something I will get it, damnit Buchou!Board, Rikkai!Luv!Board, SakuraBromides,SummerBromides,Rikkai!Xmas!Bromides….

Erm, anyway. Love Mode got licensed so I’ll have to drop that from Sakura-Crisis when I get off of complete hiatus, and update Count Cain with the last two chapters we’re doing. Uwahh, so many of our long projects are getting licensed ~__~ Hopefully I can find something to replace them besides random doujinshi. Must poke Crisis into looking around while she’s back in Hong Kong.

And on a random ending note: Erin is absolute love who sends me random Japan stuff (when I say random, I mean random and cute drawings and psycho!Sanada card and Freshie!Kiri cards and cute doujinshi stationary~ Erin is much love and when I have money she will finally get her package of American junk food >> >D

Tata for now, be back in a few days!

Okiayu Ryoutarou – Blaze Away // Okiayu Ryoutarou – HIKARI NO SAKI

There are still a few things that make me squeal with fangirly joy. Like the new Tenipuri Bromides.

I would kill for the following:

Image hosted by
You cannot tell me that’s not hot.

Image hosted by
Because it’s Bunta’s birthday today ♥ This one’s hot too >_>

Image hosted by
Buchou why must you be so hot ;_;

Image hosted by
The. Hat. The. Hat. The. Hat. Theyaresomarried.

Image hosted by
Because Saeki is damn hot. AND HE HAS MANBOOBS.

Tezuka, Fuji, Golden Pair, MomoTaka, Ryoma, Yuushi, Jirou, Sengoku, NiGyuu, etc.

I want to find a much, much better scan of the 28 one because Niou & Yagyuu are fucking hot and there had better be a friggin Kirihara one >.> Hopefully they’re doing like with the Ryoma one and each gets two cards *___*

/Fangirly joy

Must go to post office and pay for my Ruru-ness later.

Birthday piccu for Marui Bunta right about here.

Am done for now :D;

Road Trip

Bwee. New layout, because I was bored, but Yanakiri :D;

Not much else to say, other than more junk up @ DA and I’m still feeling like a lazy ho. I think I was supposed to go to Morgan’s baby shower this past weekend but I never got an invite or phone call so >.> I am not to blame :D

And uhh.. I found RURU/Ultimate Powers IbuKam on jpqueen, which made me very happy >.> I’m another 30 in the hole with my newest order of stuff but >.> I will live >D IbuKam waits for no one.

…Backing away from my rambling fangirl self now…

Life and crap